Setting up Jellyfin


If you just want to watch on your browser, no setup is required. Just log in at

NEED ADDITIONAL HELP? Please ask on the discord server


For actual Jellyfin clients, there are a variety of options. You can view many of the options here:

After installing the app, you’ll be asked for the host or ip address, just enter (if you are feeling lazy, you can save 3 letters and enter, this should auto redirect)

In rare situations, you may be asked for a port number, try 443

If you are running Kodi on a PC, you can set jellyfin up inside kodi!

If your TV does not support Jellyfin natively

For simple purchase options, you can buy a Roku, Amazon Fire Stick, NVIDIA Shield, etc.

If you want to set something up, you can either build a cheap HTPC (home theater PC) from an old PC you have around or buy a used one


basically make your own streaming device just for jellyfin on a Raspberry Pi (or similar boards like an Orange Pi)





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